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Third, strategic alliances mediate the negative relationships between resource constraints and SYTEs' ERI, and also weaken the positive relationships between industry dynamism and ERI.
In the present study, with performance as a result criterion and a high degree of specified role variables, fit is taken as moderation, where market dynamism is the moderating factor.
Furthermore, the relationship between governance structure and these assets is moderated by two factors: industry dynamism and business scope.
This system fosters attitudes that attract innovators to novel opportunities and it generates the disruptive knowledge that gives the modern economy its dynamism. According to Phelps, the more an economy devotes itself to inventing and innovating, the more "modern" it is.
The authors also checked to see whether differences in business dynamism exist among states and metropolitan areas.
Taking the lead is Australia, which performs consistently across all five categories of dynamism, climbing seven places in 2013 largely due to relative improvements in labor productivity and real GDP growth.
Taking market economies as unquestionably vindicated by history, Holcombe interrogates the market process in order to emphasize the dynamism that make markets successful economic regimes.
The wine, praised by one wine critic for its "dynamism" and "expressive fruit", was produced from Grenache, Syrah and Cinsault grapes grown in the scenic Var region of southeastern France on the 40 hectares owned since 2008 by the A-list couple.
Under theme "Resilient Dynamism", Meeting will take place from 23 to 27 January in Davos, Switzerland Among the leaders will be the prime ministers of Libya, Tunisia, Morocco and Egypt.
Nobel-Winning Economists' Questions for the Candidates Louise Blouin Foundation - The Metropolitan Club Nobel Laureates Eric Maskin and Edmund Phelps will discuss their views on the institutional and economic conditions required to not only support an economic recovery within the United States, but to ensure lasting growth on sound principles of innovation and dynamism. How will such dynamism be achieved?
He was commended for his dynamism and his analytical approach to making Zain Bahrain one of the technology leaders in the region.
The EU needs Turkey's dynamism, added Boyner who held talks with several ministers and officials in the Netherlands on Tuesday.