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Furthermore, the relationship between governance structure and these assets is moderated by two factors: industry dynamism and business scope.
This system fosters attitudes that attract innovators to novel opportunities and it generates the disruptive knowledge that gives the modern economy its dynamism.
The authors also checked to see whether differences in business dynamism exist among states and metropolitan areas.
The rankings indicate which economies have the most dynamic business growth environments, where dynamism refers to the changes in an economy that are likely to lead to a faster future rate of growth.
In other words, while deep rigidities involved in the nature of central planning resulted in a total systemic collapse in the face of real life experiences, capitalism, despite lingering difficult circumstances, is capable of recovering and regaining its inherent dynamism.
Returning to Morocco I visited nine years ago, I am struck by this dynamism it sees," he pointed out, noting that Morocco will benefit from these advantages to attract more tourists including the Australians.
9 points out of 100 points in areas including education, health, quality of life and economic dynamism.
It really seems since Petrenko arrived that the orchestra has discovered a new dynamism, and I don''t think we should underestimate the hard work which must have gone on behind the scenes, and Liverpool''s good luck, that led to him signing to the Phil until 2015.
Summary: The Tangier Med port is a "striking example" that shows Morocco's economic dynamism, French business daily "Les Echos" wrote on Thursday.
I wonder if the England and Wales Cricket Board might show some dynamism and declare Zimbabwe to be deserved pariahs?
Several of the activities engage with history and current media with a dynamism that is often lacking in classroom learning about "controversial" issues.
Likened by the architect to the grain of a tree trunk laid on its side, the composition comprises a series of solids and voids, articulated by Hadid's trademark go-faster stripes that attempt to bring dynamism and movement to an otherwise static and weighty assemblage.