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The educational and political institutions, which also include legal activities and economic dynamisms, include within themselves with a varying degree of intensity all the nucleus contextual dynamisms explained above, and as such they are the ones that produce culture.
A nucleus contextual cause is a dynamism which manifests itself at two levels: first is at the social level, which causes certain unrest and stirring within the society as if the whole structure of the society is re-shaping itself and thus every social institution is affected by this dynamism; but most importantly, the political and educational institutions are re-organized as a result of this unrest; second is at the level of learning and it is this dynamism which causes a lively exchange of ideas on scientific and intellectual subjects among the learned of the community.
With respect to moral dynamism it is possible to divide the members of a given society into three groups: morally sensitive people, the common masses and the selfish or immorally sensitive people.