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Let's hope the dynamist vision can hold the line for another 45 years.
Back in the Northern Hemisphere, dynamists have cried "foul.
It simply makes him, and other centrist dynamists, the sort of ally on behalf of markets that antisocialist conservatives were in an earlier time.
Stasists and dynamists are thus divided not just by simple, short-term policy issues, but by fundamental disagreements about the way the world works.
The unique vessel was developed by a team made up of aero and hydro dynamists, Formula 1 automotive engineers, aerospace engineers, and naval architects at Glider Yachts, a new British yacht manufacturer headquartered in London.
It needs physicists, structural dynamists, engineers, communications experts and other allied support.
We have taken a position by firmly planting our flag with the Dynamists.
Persistent dynamists, anti-conformists, dialectic reformists, agonodiplomats are needed, Kujundziski says.