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DYNASTY. A succession of kings in the same line or family; government; sovereignty.

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Hussein was a dynast in a world system dominated by nation-states, and his appeal to democratic principles was, for that reason, tactical and politically opportunistic.
This can be seen on display in particular in the Muslim accounts of Sunbadh's liberal use of Abu Muslim's treasury, which he reputedly acquired after the 'Abbasid da'i's death, and of his attempts to utilize this massive wealth in order to fund his revolt in Rayy and, later, to convince the Dabayid dynast Khurshid to join his revolt.
Though these Huxleyan views of automatism (combined with Hardy's narrative reticence about his characters' mind-stuff) discourage a naturalistic psychological reading of his fictional characters, they ground a study of the philosophical and scientific sources of The Dynasts as relevant to Hardy's fiction from the 1880s onwards.
Of course, after a military rule, it is always a change of dress from the khaki to civilian robes, but the power dispensation stays elitist, privileged and autocratic, with a few hangers-on getting into this exclusive club by hanging on to coat-tails of the dynasts and their henchmen.
The imperial model of Chinese dynasts was not the only source of political status; local leaders turned to upland communities of the frontier region for additional support.
Moving women to the margins allows praise of Richmond's triumph as a masculine victory and paradoxically dynastic solution to the problem of the Yorkist dynasts that nevertheless conceives of England's future as national and free from female intrusions into politics.
Following the death of Alexander the Great, Cyprus became a prize of war for the successor states, eventually coming under the full control of the Ptolemaic state of Egypt when the last local dynasts were suppressed.
They discuss such topics as understanding the earliest coinages, the heroic image and the portrait coinages of Lykian dynasts, dating on coins as a Phoenician invention, the iconography of succession under the late Seleucids, and the emergence of the Greco-Baktrian and Indo-Greek kingdoms.
His boyish charisma has made him a star for young Greeks fed up with the middle aged major party dynasts that are widely condemned as self-serving and corrupt.
The cardinal categories used by Walsh are: "The Precursors" (at the beginning of the second millennium), "The Nearly Men" (who almost became popes), "The Dynasts," "The Scholar Cardinals," "The Saints" (very few), "The Pastors," "Men of War," "The Politicos," "Secretaries of State," "The Exes" (those who resigned), and "Family Men.
The Mughal love of portraiture is another difference between this Indian empire and other Muslim rulers; Muslim dynasts typically kept a low profile in the figural arts.
Back-to-back champions the Bulls and super rugby dynasts the Crusaders are rightly 3-1 co-favourites given their reputations and stellar squads.