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DYNASTY. A succession of kings in the same line or family; government; sovereignty.

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But for him, Pimentel said, the most 'realistic' and 'logical' was to prohibit the dynastic succession.
Commenting on the defeat of PTI in the Lodhran by-poll recently, Shah remarked that PTI chief Imran Khan wanted to end dynastic politics, but had pursued the opposite policy in the by-elections.
How is it possible for a new leadership to emerge if dynastic politics from constituency to the national level has become institutionalised?
While Uhuru Kenyatta and Ian Khama have consequently been elected and re-elected in what are largely considered credible elections, Ali Bongo, Joseph Kabila and Faure Gnassingbe's regimes have been mired in controversy--highlighting different reasons why dynastic rule is mobilised.
One may argue that the political milieu of Pakistan is such that the country is not mature enough to accommodate the ideological parties; therefore, the dynastic politics fill the political void because otherwise there would be a vacuum of political leadership.
Summary: New Delhi [India], December 19 (ANI): As the results for the Assembly elections in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh showed a victory for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), the party hailed it as a victory of development and defeat of dynastic politics.
This is with reference to last month's cover story on the deep-seated dynastic politics in South Asia.
More ominously, the PMLN is trying to set roots as a dynastic party, which makes it a more formidable longer-term opponent than the PTI which revolves around the sole figure of Imran Khan without any alternate leadership in the wings.
Significantly, Congress is often criticised for promoting dynastic rule and many believe Gandhi holding the number two position in the party is only on account of his being born in the Gandhi family and not because of any real political acumen.
His remarks, laced with candid humour, comes in the wake of a raging debate on dynastic politics.
Genealogy, Archive, Image: Interpreting Dynastic History in Western India, c.
In an announcement Wednesday, Mahmoud Afify, head of the Egyptian Antiquities Sector, said the find dated back to BCE 5316, which was the beginning of an important dynastic period, Egypt's First Dynasty.