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DYNASTY. A succession of kings in the same line or family; government; sovereignty.

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Sculpture in Early Dynastic Egypt" by Marianne Eaton-Krauss deals with three-dimensional art in the formative period that bridges the art of the Predynastic to the fully developed works of the Old Kingdom.
After Nehru, Indira Gandhi encouraged the dynastic trend by bringing Sanjay Gandhi in politics.
The silks which survive above ground--those not recovered from dateable tombs--could now surely be pinned down more narrowly than 'Ming dynasty' or 'Qing dynasty' (both dynastic spans of over 250 years).
Again, dynastic succession does not ensure success.
Throughout the study, Stoppino views gender relations, chivalric culture, and the dynastic system as interconnected instances of genealogy (2).
This accords with the development of the representation of Dynastic Egyptian conventions.
As expected, the dynastic transition is becoming public.
of Kansas) sights along a different dimension, comparing modern Chinese law with dynastic Chinese law.
Moving beyond the reign of the famous dynastic founder, Timur, this work takes up the political history of Iran under Timurid ruler Shahrukh (1409-47) through an in-depth analysis of the relationship between government and society.
To commemorate the games, Ecco has created a limited collection with forms and materials inspired by the dynastic history, culture and architecture of China.
Blume therefore opens the book with a chapter on "The Sistine Chapel, Dynastic Ambition, and the Cultural Patronage of Sixtus IV.
In reminding us that family politics were often tied up with questions of dynastic succession and governance, particularly in the houses of ruling elites, several of the essays in the volume follow in the fine tradition of, for instance, Leslie Peirce's The Imperial Harem: Women and Sovereignty in the Ottoman Empire (New York: Oxford University Press, 1993).