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DYNASTY. A succession of kings in the same line or family; government; sovereignty.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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'I went around the country, I [saw] that dynasties eroded the local checks and balances, [such as when] you have a mayor and the wife is the vice mayor, obviously the system is eroded,' he said.
There is also a growing conversation that the 2022 general election should be a contest between the 'hustlers' and 'dynasties'.
Parcasio added that it will be Congress that will make the final decision on the draft charter's content but said it should be reflective of the people's demand to dismantle political dynasties.
Canoy also said back then he had doubts this would be approved by Congress because some of them are members of political dynasties themselves.
In a February 15 hearing, resource persons from the academe listed the reasons for banning political dynasties such as the prohibition of the Constitution on political dynasties.
Marcus's principal insight is that American dynasties, in general, rapidly evolve into complex institutions in which the descendants of the family founder play an increasingly marginal and sometimes antagonistic role vis a vis the various outsiders - lawyers, trust managers, accountants, investment advisors, corporate and foundation executives , and the like - who are brought into the dynasty to manage the family fortune.
The Odinga and Kenyatta families have often times been referred to as political dynasties as they have held the country's top leadership since independence.
(Political dynasties is like the fast food business.
The Concom's recommendation against political dynasties is not yet final, which means that it will still be discussed and voted upon by the lawmakers, and the President has the final say on whether to accept it or not.
Eighteen of the 20 members stood and voted in favor of the 'self-executing provisions' that may yet wipe political dynasties off the face of Philippine politics.
Duterte then urged critics of political dynasties to visit Davao and ask its people how they view dynasties.
What I have in mind in filing a bill prohibiting the establishment of political dynasties is to provide equal opportunities to persons who are equally qualified to aspire to run for public office," Ejercito explained.