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DYNASTY. A succession of kings in the same line or family; government; sovereignty.

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therefore, support the banning of political dynasties in this country.
Political dynasties have long mocked the essence of democracy, retired Chief Justice Reynato Puno said on Wednesday as he cast his vote in favor of anti-political dynasty provisions.
The main contention was that poverty breeds political dynasties; and political dynasties cause poverty.
He said the 2016 polls is the best time for those who are against political dynasties to initiate change by way of their vote.
The plenary level debates was the farthest that a measure against anti-political dynasties had had gone after successive Congresses had allowed the measure to lie stagnant and gather dust in the slow moving legislative mill.
As the seat of the Western Han Nanyue Kingdom and the Five Dynasties South Han Kingdom, the site has been the center of Guangzhou for some 2000 years.
Han Confucians were opposed to infant abandonment, and excavated legal codes from both Han and the Qin dynasties forbad infant abandonment and called for punishment of parents who killed or abandon their offspring (with forced labor or tattooing).
In Ibn Khaldun's view, new dynasties typically originate among families, clans or tribes from relatively backward, rural areas - in the case of the Arabs, from the Bedouins.
chroniclers compiling all the happenings that had occurred in the previous dynasties, Pang fels that they can't be completely trusted.
This collector's set will enable true basketball fans to appreciate the longevity of one of the most notable dynasties in the history of the NBA.
The Consultative Committee (Con-Com) tasked by President Rodrigo Duterte to review the 1987 Constitution decided to recommend regulating political dynasties instead of banning them.
To say nothing of the threat posed by fiendish, free-spending wanna-be dynasties named Allen and Cuban and Maloof.