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As an alternative measure, the proportion of subjects with reduced quality of life (defined as an SF-NDI of [greater than or equal to]15 points, consisting of the bottom 8% of the population) in each dyspeptic symptom group was also calculated, with 1.
Efficacy of Helicobacter pylori eradication in uninvestigated chronic dyspeptic staff members of a large factory: a prospective, long-term, follow-up, workplace outcome study.
It would also be indicated in a young dyspeptic patient (younger than 50 years old) for whom an empiric trial of H.
As a result, I attribute his misleading comments about The Freedom Forum funding to his admitted dyspeptic disorder rather than journalistic bias.
While dyspeptic symptoms are often caused by overeating or eating the wrong foods, the disorder can be associated with a more serious problem.
To fit this category, a dish must tread the tightrope between blandness, which bores everybody, and sharp spiciness, which frightens the young, the old, and the dyspeptic.
The poster titled, "Comparison of Continuous Breath Test (CBT) versus Gastric Scintigraphy (GS) for Gastric Emptying Rate (GER) Measurement in Healthy and Dyspeptic Subjects" was submitted by principal investigator Ram Dickman, M.
If Smith's hapless everyman Mike reminds us of the enduring contradictions of the American dream as it disappears into the rearview mirror of history, Williams as dyspeptic narrator cheerfully details a hypothetical apocalypse still to come.
History however -- at least the act of looking back at the recent past from a more dispassionate, dyspeptic present -- has tended to be unforgiving of revolutionary fervor.
The dyspeptic detective who has trudged, world-weary, through eight battles with sadistic criminals in a cold climate.
pylori), a causative agent linked to the development of adverse health conditions such as peptic ulcer disease (PUD), gastric malignancy and dyspeptic symptoms.
Perhaps it might be interesting to some dyspeptic idler, who painfully strolls through a city park, to coax an appetite to a sufficient intensity to enable him to pick an ortolan, if I were to describe to him the fare set before us .