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I would that thou hadst ne'er said one word to me, or that I had never passed thy way, or e'en that my right forefinger had been stricken off ere that this had happened
ye may e'en ring yer heart out--but ye won't part a Scotchman from his glass.
The cairds may e'en find their way to the parlor by other hands than mine.
My Father gave In charge to me This child of earth E'en from its birth, To serve and save, Alleluia, And saved is he.
one + ten = not e'en (Oddly enough, eleven is not even.
when all, e'en Hope's last ray is gone, There's no oblivion--but in death alone
All women are pardoned for their 'foibles', and are thus celebrated as flawed though authentic performers: 'We love e'en foibles in so good an heart' (The Rosciad, 1.
Poor POET-APE, that would be thought our chief, Whose works are e'en the frippery of wit, From brokage is become so bold a thief, As we, the robb'd, leave rage, and pity it.
27) "When all's done," he concludes, "how vain seems e'en success" (l.
Halloween comes from 'All Hallows' E'en,' the Christian festival commemorating All Saints or those who have died and gone ahead of us into the heavenly realms.
They call me through this hush of woods, reposing In the grey stillness of the summer morn, They wander by when heavy flowers are closing, And thoughts grow deep, and winds and stars are born; Ev'n as a fount's remember'd gushings burst On the parch'd traveller in his hour of thirst, E'en thus they haunt me with sweet sounds, till worn By quenchless longings, to my soul I say--Oh
The subjects of his investigations have ranged from the immaterial work Robert Barry created in 1969 for David Askevold's project class at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design ( What Happens in Halifax Stays in Halifax [in 36 Slides], 2004-2006), to Martin Kippenberger's legendary "museum of modern art" on the Aegean island of Syros (What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger, 2007), to early mosaics made by Daniel Buren at a Caribbean resort hotel (le ne sais si e'en est la cause [I Don't Know If That Is the Cause], 2009).