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ASCHEME to make e-books available to library users has seen impressive results.
gr, a new tool that took our "Bidness as Usual" stories and repackaged them as an e-book.
Since its launch in 2007, the Kindle e-book is slowly gaining popularity among Amazon shoppers.
As a result, in cases where readers purchase-books from different e-book stores, it is often necessary to use multiple book shelves that follow rules unique to each e-book store.
The e-book will be distributed through major e-booksellers, including Amazon.
KDDI will distribute e-book data for the handset with a basic monthly fee of 525 yen for a two-year contract.
Two models of the e-book readers have been developed - a mobile type featuring a 5.
Kobo said Borders leverages its 'Powered By' programme, which provides a flexible solution for partners to launch an e-Book store that uses the company's content and technology.
Borders, which competes with bigger rival Barnes & Noble in the US, has launched its own branded e-book store that offers about 1.
Not only from curious gawkers, but, more importantly, from those upon which the near future of publishing lies--publishers, writers and e-book reader sellers.
Personally, I'm not really into reading books, but the Merlin E-Book could give me a C reason to be.
An e-book is a book published in electronic form that can be downloaded to computers or handheld devices, such as PDAs, Pocket PCs, or smart phones.