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Country: Canada
State: Ontario

I had a transaction on eBay worth 167GBP, and I never received the Parcel. I filed complain on eBay for that, and the seller promised he will refund me. But he needed me to cancel the dispute because the account was suspended. I cancelled and he lied. He is not answering and i got no money. I live in Canada and he in UK. What can be done in such case?


You may file A police and/or FBI report for fraud, and file in court where they live as well if You know who they are.
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Within online learning, in which a student buys a package of instruction as sharply defined as an eBay transaction, the kind of intellectual cross-pollination that Newman championed might be harder to achieve.
Or try tracking down live help if an eBay transaction goes sour.
I bought a used Apollo 618 with Form 8130-3 and a spare loran antenna in my first eBay transaction for $82.
The finding that men tend to pay more per eBay transaction supports the historical finding that men are more likely to make Internet purchases.
92 is less than the eBay transaction fee of about $9.
Like any eBay transaction you have to buy in good faith and hand over your card details before you see the tickets - so don't be surprised to see someone else sat in your seat when you get to the concert
In the digital age, character may be capital, but the character capital you accrue through years of conscientious eBay transactions isn't fungible.
The updated fourth edition of The eBay Business Handbook includes advice on understanding and working with the new seller defect process; how to take best advantage of recent developments and turn them into hard cash; how to maximise selling potential across all media, including mobile; how to work with the latest eBay fee structure, so that the seller retains the most of their revenue; and how to share in the knowledge gleaned from over 100,000 eBay transactions.
Officers searched his home and they also seized his computer which showed a number of eBay transactions between 2009 to 2013.
At the time her partner Alistair was thrashing out his divorce settlement with Ms Ruddles, 30, who became suspicious when he mentioned eBay transactions he could not have been aware of.