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However, if it were an English class, I was one of those eager beavers, wanting to prove how clever and attentive I was.
Meanwhile, the Eager Beavers - the Coventry-based rock 'n' roll/ rockabilly band who have supported the likes of Little Richard, Buddy Holly's Crickets, Bill Haley's Comets and Vince Eager down the years, play Lime Tree Park WMC in Templar Avenue on Saturday, October 1.
Mark Pryor, is now a beehive of eager beavers, if we may mix our metaphors so brazenly.
1 per cent, and all of a sudden it seems that Cypriots are actually eager beavers.
And proactive eager beavers are heeding industry experts' encouragement to take advantage of their current systems conversions and prepare their hardware and software for future emerging technologies and processes based on 14-digit data structures.
The OFT has dispatched its eager beavers to investigate the methods employed by debt consolidation firms.
Two questions: What happens if the eager beavers are the same sex - and anyone fancy joining me in the queue to be one of the official adjudicators?
I have always said that United were so successful because they were like eager beavers in the way they went after the ball.
Eager Beavers, who will latch onto a technology because it is new.
While national implementation of the plan is expected to be complete by the end of this year, several eager beavers are already getting ahead of the game.