eager to please

See: obeisant
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Oh, do tell my 'and, Miss Bennett," cried the girls in her department, eager to please her.
If he had probed to the bottom of his vanity (as he sometimes nearly did) he would have found there the wish that his wife should be as worldly-wise and as eager to please as the married lady whose charms had held his fancy through two mildly agitated years; without, of course, any hint of the frailty which had so nearly marred that unhappy being's life, and had disarranged his own plans for a whole winter.
Eager to please and serve his new gods, he took advantage of the first opportunity to worry a canoe-load of blacks who came visiting on board.
Emmerdale ITV, Mon-Fri Debbie is eager to please when she starts a new job working with her boyfriend Tom.
You can choose from an impressive selection of young asian escorts who are eager to please you.
We saw neither during Anastasiades' visit to Moscow during which the overall impression was that our president was eager to please Putin, showing complete disregard for Brussels' policy and our EU partners, in the process.
The candid footage of Liam pre-fame showed him to be an oddly fragile type, wide-eyed and eager to please, all that ballsy attitude perhaps a facade.
Cosmos Quite simply the most eager to please and easy-to-grow flower.
He is exceptionally well-behaved, was always top dog at puppy classes, loves mum and is eager to please.
Meanwhile back at home Marcus Strode-Boylie, eager to please his father, a massively successful dentist, is planning to cause mayhem.
All will be eager to please Lord Sugar, but the women in particular have most to prove, having begun the process with a string of failures.