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Talking to ANI, Mahantesh said, "We are eagerly waiting for a final update from them.
Actually, I can not recall any Ashes series that has not been described as eagerly anticipated, but the truth is that all sports, even sedate and gentlemanly cricket, are now locked into a battle of hyperbole in their desperation to whet our jaded appetites.
BEIRUT: Syrians in Lebanon have been eagerly registering their names at the Syrian Embassy in Beirut to vote for the next president, according to the Syrian ambassador to Lebanon.
has improved a lot since then and Dh d h Cha h him eagerly.
Muscat: To mark the occasion of Makar Sankranti, residents are eagerly waiting for the Kite Festival being organised by Muscat Gujarati Samaj (MGS) of Indian Social Club at the Qurum Beach, near the Ministry of External Affairs, Attestation Section, on Friday morning.
Blatt said the team would continue to play eagerly in its other games in the championship.
US Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice said Washington is eagerly awaiting the formation of the Lebanese government, according to a report in the Beirut daily AN NAHAR Thursday.
We are eagerly looking forward to the Collaborative Conference in Toronto.
The city-owned site in the Meatpacking District, is the gateway to the High Line, the eagerly anticipated new West Side park.
IT'S the eagerly-awaited third meeting between Manny Pacquiao and Erik Morales in Vegas tonight - and we're eagerly anticipating a win for the Pac Man.
The perfect seasonal read-aloud book for Halloween, Pumpkins is especially fun to page through for young pumpkin lovers eagerly looking forward to the holiday season.
The popes eagerly await visits from world political leaders.