earliest stage

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In the earliest stages of love the services are small that we are privileged to do for the loved one.
But it is the opinion of most physiologists that there is no essential difference between a bud and an ovule in their earliest stages of formation; so that, in fact,
The results of these were innumerable lawsuits; for the people of New England, in the earliest stages and wildest circumstances of the country, adopted, whenever attainable, the legal mode of deciding their differences.
Even had we no actual evidence of this, we must know it still, since only thus might be explained the survival of the human race in which the jealousy and selfishness of the bulls would, in the earliest stages of the race, have wiped out the young as rapidly as they were brought into the world had not God implanted in the savage bosom that paternal love which evidences itself most strongly in the protective instinct of the male.
In Denmark and the UK only one in seven patients with non-small cell lung cancer were diagnosed at the earliest stage of disease, compared with one in five in Sweden and Canada.
SigniFire[TM] can be interfaced with conventional fire alarm systems to provide early notification and when interfaced with a fire extinguishing system, it accomplishes fire control at the smoldering stage, the earliest stage of a fire.
Expenditures totaled $13,885 for individuals at the earliest stage of disease but rose steadily across declining strata of CD4 cell counts, reaching $36,532 for those with the most advanced disease.
Allocate enough expertise and resources to a pre-study of the project and contact machine suppliers at the earliest stage
1) In our December issue, under Vatican News in Brief, page 25, we referred to embryonic stem cells as the earliest stage of human beings.
The report compiled by the panel says that "connections to the cortex begin to develop at about 20 weeks' gestation, suggesting that this is the earliest stage of gestation at which pain can be perceived.
In one of the earliest stage , embryos differentiate into three layers: the endoderm, ectoderm, and mesoderm.