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j] that it represents the earliness penalty and [[beta].
Kahlbacher and Cheng[24] discussed parallel machine scheduling to minimize cost for earliness and number of tardy jobs.
The correlation of seed cotton yield with earliness, morphological and yield traits was worked out according to Kwon and Torrie (1964).
The interaction effect between SS and HA showed that tomato plants receiving SS4 (1:4:1 NPK) + HA at 1500 mg L-1 had the highest mean values of the vegetative growth, earliness the flowering, and increase the number of flowers per cluster.
The assumption of normality was satisfied through employing the natural log transformation for mean tardiness and mean earliness.
Days to first flowering and days to 50 per cent flowering are the two main attributes of earliness, which is manifested in the F1 hybrids and most of the F1 hybrids are grown for their early yield.
The highest mean value of the number of flower clusters per plant and earliness characters were recorded with the application of CM2 (100 kg N ha-1) coupled with Halex-2.
The further north you go, earliness becomes a real issue, particularly in a protracted harvest such as this," he said.
14] consider an earliness-tardiness (ET) problem with equal penalties for earliness and tardiness.
A big part of the attraction of 'Early Girl' is its earliness (Elaine Schlegel of Carmel Valley, California, pictured at right, enjoys fresh, ripe tomatoes long before her friends who plant other varieties).
Lower earliness index was observed in F5 and F3 and higher earliness index in F1.
2007) were able to obtain somaclonal variants with an important earliness in heading and in maturity phases.