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Essentially, Roberts has defined early abortion as morally permissible and late abortion as not morally permissible by defining 'person', 'early' and 'late' abortion in such a way that removes the hard cases.
And if such continuity of personhood cannot be sustained, then removing the baby from "existence" falls under early abortion.
This allows each patient to experience a continuum of care--from family-planning visits to morning-after prescriptions or early abortion, if needed--as part of her ordinary medical visit.
Our findings of an association between preconception exposure and an early abortion may imply that for some pesticides, preconception exposures lead to gross chromosomal anomalies.
You may have to bring suit if you're a teenager, even if it's a relative who raped you; you may be too late for an early abortion, and then have to sort through the obstacles and regulations that start kicking in with force.
What if someone came up with a recipe using already available common household items that could safely and simply and discreetly prevent pregnancy or even cause an early abortion, at a stage when the fetus is no bigger than a grain of rice?
This federal agency has authority over the licensing of Mifepristone (RU-486), a safe, effective, non-surgical form of early abortion available in France, Great Britain and Sweden.
Mifepristone, or RU-486, in combination with prostaglandin is an effective nonsurgical method of early abortion and has been in use since 1981.
Antiprogestin drugs permit a new, safe and effective means to achieve early abortion.
These intuitions with which Quinn begins are, first, "that even a very early abortion stands in need of moral justification in a way that the surgical removal of a mere mass of tissue does not", but second, "that abortion occurring early enough in pregnancy .
Oral contraceptive use and early abortion as risk factors for breast cancer in young women" Pike, M.
If this alternative account of popular beliefs is correct, Dworkin's assertion that the state may not proscribe early abortion loses some of its power.