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In comparing broods with the same hatching date, one would expect delayed broods to have a higher breeding success than controls when early breeding pairs are of higher quality and/or breed on better territories than late-breeding pairs.
First, I use data from postfledgling survival from unmanipulated breeding pairs, aiming at separating the selective pressures favoring early breeding through the effects of brood size (fecundity-dependent selection) and effects unrelated to brood size (fecundity-independent selection).
The university was one of the early breeding grounds for CAD research in the U.
SPECIAL SHOW AND SALE OF EARLY BREEDING SHEEP With reports of disastrous trades from elsewhere the wet day was perhaps welcome as the packed ringside witnessed a pleasing 93% clearance of the breeders.
Finally, the distinct early breeding peak at Fort Perry the previous year, along with outstanding food plots, allowed the current year's female fawns to exceed 60 pounds by fall.
When to do it: Bucks move most during the early breeding and breeding phases.
Byline: Tony Morris on the early breeding plans for the Arc heroine
cinereus in the present study showed signs of early breeding activity though such has also been previously documented in this species.
In this paper, I report the results of the study on Isla Daphne Major from 1980 to 1991 and 1994 to address the importance of pollen digestion and its potential role in the early breeding of G.
STORE SHEEP Less numbers on offer this week which were still met with a fine trade, a slightly slow period expected now until July when the first store lambs will appear and the early breeding sheep men will kick in to action.
Pharapache spent her early breeding career visiting the Californian-based Pacific Classic winner Bertrando, whom Naify raced in partnership with Ed Nahem.
This should lead to directional selection for early breeding.