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Like many Sky Blues of my age, those early memories represented the zenith of my time supporting my club.
So the team turned to mice, animals that--like humans--harbor blank spots in their early memories. As mice age, the birthrate of neurons slows down.
He said: "My father didn't teach me photography, as he passed away when I was 11, but I was definitely influenced by those early memories.
Some of my early memories of childhood in the early 80s are of the curious roof structure, Known as hyperbolic paraboloids.
Becket moved to New York for college in 1982 and her early memories of the city informed the look she created for "Hustle," which was mostly filmed in the Boston suburb of Worcester, Mass., where architecture of the period is more abundant.
Leah tells her early memories of her ex-service father's suicide, the love she cherishes for her mother despite her puritanical savagery and the meeting with--and the secret emotional support she receives from--the mysterious Adam.
Entries are organized alphabetically and include photos, quotes, addresses, and information on the individual's birth, youth, early memories, education, first jobs, marriage and family, career, memorable experiences, hobbies, and honors and awards.
"My early memories of Alastair are that he was mature for his age and very balanced and considered.
But my joint study, published in 2011 in Child Development, traced early memories in the same children across a span of two years.
Pick of the day Reel History of Britain BBC2, 6.30pm Think back to early memories of seaside holidays, and you''ll probably bring to mind images of your mother battling to open out the deck chair, while the rest of the family watches on mockingly, before she inevitable traps her fingers.
Substantial literature links early memories to subsequent thoughts and attitudes.
The researchers explain this as early memories of young children being fragile and vulnerable to forgetting.

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