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We're offering these early-bird rates to make it easy and economical for the technology community to attend this premier networking event," said Kelly Ricker, vice president, events and conferences, CompTIA.
While early-bird schemes and the like help to attract supporters, nothing is more important than success on the field.
Early-bird season tickets are available from Monday, July 7, to Thursday, July 31, and offer savings of up to 30 per cent against match day prices.
You can save money by taking one of the early-bird one-hour lessons ($65).
This year, ticket buyers can maximize their odds of winning by purchasing multiple tickets by the early-bird deadline for the most chances to win a prize.
ALBION fans have until 5pm today to take advantage of the early-bird offer for 2009/10 season tickets or risk losing their seats.
50 to pounds 21, with early-bird tickets available before match day.
As in previous years, the house raffle offers two early-bird bonus drawings for early raffle ticket purchasers.

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