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If 8% of distribution revenue is earmarked to cover these fixed costs, then the brokerage relationship would need to generate revenue of $500,000 (roughly $250,000 of first-year commissions) to pay for itself.
In fact, during the past several years, Congress has earmarked 100 percent of the funds appropriated for law enforcement technology grants, leaving the Justice Department with no discretion in deciding which projects would be funded.
7 billion in federal funding earmarked for rebuilding initiatives.
That's precisely what prompted Dozier to devote $6 billion of his budget to Ryan White programs, with $1 billion of that earmarked for the AIDS Drug Assistance Program, which provides free antiretrovirals to uninsured and underinsured HIV patients.
Alaska reaps almost a billion dollars for more than a hundred such earmarked projects, representing about $1,500 for each man, woman, and child in the state.
2 -- color in AV edition only) The House of Representatives earmarked $2.
For example, when Savage examines changes in research rankings of states against earmarks they received between 1980 and 1996, he finds that "the total earmarked dollars a state obtained had a positive, though limited, relationship to improved rank.
Meanwhile, says Rosenzweig, the AAU will no longer fight specific earmarked grants, once they come before Congress, unless those grants are for research rather than buildings.
The Senate should be applauded for decreasing earmarks since FY 2011 and refusing to include funding for the music halls, opera houses, theaters, and bike trails that have been earmarked in the past.
ISLAMABAD -- The Federal Government has earmarked Rs 1175 billion for 39 federal ministries and divisions along with corporations and other development sectors in its Public Sector Development Programme PSDP for the year 2014-15.
ISLAMABAD -- The government has earmarked Rs 50 million for much-awaited construction of border Optical Fiber Cable (OFC) system between China and Pakistan for international activity of voice in next financial year starting from July1, 2012.
In all, 734 acres, all inside Angeles National Forest, are earmarked as critical habitat in that area.