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For 106km Basima-Khuzdar Highway Rs1,500 million have been allocated in the present fiscal, he said, adding that Rs4 billion have been earmarked for Bella-Awaran-Hoshab Road.
The government has earmarked an amount of Rs55 million for the project with foreign exchange component of Rs5 million in the PSDP2017-18, the data revealed.
Now, in all trains having reserved sleeping accommodation, a combined quota of six lower berths per coach in Sleeper class and three lower berths per coach in AC 3 tier and AC 2 tier classes has been earmarked for Senior Citizens, Female passenger 45 years of age and above, and Pregnant women.
After a ban, much of the money that would have been earmarked probably would be spent in a different form.
Appropriations that are earmarked can be wasteful, excessive, and unconstitutional--and when they are, Congress should vote against the spending.
One of the pups is a four-month-old brindle by Daves Mentor, earmarked HYJSB, the other two are three months old and are by Droopys Kewell, one black earmarked QBA1 and the other blue QBA3.
That's precisely what prompted Dozier to devote $6 billion of his budget to Ryan White programs, with $1 billion of that earmarked for the AIDS Drug Assistance Program, which provides free antiretrovirals to uninsured and underinsured HIV patients.
7 billion in federal funding earmarked for rebuilding initiatives.
7%, compared to the 13% surge in earmarked dollars, forcing agencies to cut into their core competitive programs to accommodate the appropriations.
Last year, approximately 800 local law enforcement agencies as well as nonprofit organizations received more than half a billion dollars in earmarked funding for a range of justice-related initiatives.
If 20% of total distribution revenue is earmarked to cover these fixed costs, then the minimum scale required to break even is distribution revenue of $150 million (roughly $75 million of first-year commissions).
Earmarking funds is perfectly acceptable to UNICEF, which then can divert funds originally earmarked for the project to more general purposes.