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Suddenly earmarks went from an obscure Capitol Hill obsession to a public menace.
This same set of earmarks included $149,-984 for the University of Illinois-Jane Addams Hull House Museum in support of its "Hungry for Peace" initiative.
It also wouldn't be farfetched to say that the inability to use earmarks strengthened the extreme tea-party whippersnapper members in Congress at the expense of their senior and moderate Republican colleagues, who were no longer able to go home with a list of all the pork procured for their constituents.
But we know that the list of projects and programs for which he secured federal help, through both earmarks and standard appropriations, is long.
He says that without earmarks, all projects will go through the regular budget process.
Earmarks are generally associated with "pork-barrel" spending.
The package, centered on a 2,200-word story, includes content supplied by 25 daily newspapers that have been reporting on the earmarks of their local congressional delegations since April.
But since most earmarks appear to go to large, traditionally White institutions, one expert says Black and other lawmakers should seek a greater share of the pie.