earnest declaration

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HYPOCRISY of hushed down dowry related suicides, bride burning, torture and hellish life until death, all highlights social and family hypocrisy where almost everyone condemns Jahez or dowry crisis but almost everyone wants Jahez or dowry: It's a greedy society's hypocrisy at its best in verbal terms, like bridegroom family's so earnest declaration that 'we are angels, we abhor dowry'.
What happened to all his earnest declarations that the 2016 referendum result would be "respected"?
Never entirely comfortable in the limelight, Williams nonetheless found himself in it: 17 of his singles, including earnest declarations like You're My Best Friend and Lord, I Hope This Day Is Good , reached the top of the Billboard country chart from 1974 to 1984.
Ignoring earnest declarations of its un-Islamic character solemnly issued by non-Muslim presidents, premiers, and prelates, volunteers who recognize the authenticity of the Islamic State keep pouring into its still-expanding borders, easily offsetting the casualties inflicted by the very expensive U.S.
Howard Fonda makes earnest declarations about his medium.
The occasional zinging one-liner compensates for gushing and terrible earnest declarations of love, which suggest some of the characters in Meyer's imaginary world spend too much time with their noses in Mills & Boon.
For their part, the all-pro actors appear uncomfortably stiff, forced to plunge into earnest declarations about the state of journalistic art without much character buildup to support their blustery speeches.