earnest declaration

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Never entirely comfortable in the limelight, Williams nonetheless found himself in it: 17 of his singles, including earnest declarations like You're My Best Friend and Lord, I Hope This Day Is Good , reached the top of the Billboard country chart from 1974 to 1984.
Ignoring earnest declarations of its un-Islamic character solemnly issued by non-Muslim presidents, premiers, and prelates, volunteers who recognize the authenticity of the Islamic State keep pouring into its still-expanding borders, easily offsetting the casualties inflicted by the very expensive U.
Howard Fonda makes earnest declarations about his medium.
The occasional zinging one-liner compensates for gushing and terrible earnest declarations of love, which suggest some of the characters in Meyer's imaginary world spend too much time with their noses in Mills & Boon.
For their part, the all-pro actors appear uncomfortably stiff, forced to plunge into earnest declarations about the state of journalistic art without much character buildup to support their blustery speeches.