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Earnestly covered the 2,200-meter turf track in 2 minutes, 10.
The movie's first half hour tries too hard to be clever, but Forster keeps you hooked, deftly moving between tones - Harold is earnestly trying to figure out if he's living in a comedy or tragedy - until he finds the appealing earnestness he's after.
Sometimes," he says earnestly, "I'd go home at night unsure of what I'd just done that day because the two were so different.
All Catholics need to pray earnestly not only that justice will be done, but that compassion will be extended to those affected.
When, however, he's earnestly finding too many intertextual links to the writings of literary, anthropological, philosophical or psychological heavy hitters, his musical passion gets lost in translation.
Before the service starts, a few women kneel at the altar, praying earnestly.
They make unexpected admissions on the air, and earnestly defend the most blatant abuses.
The performers will stage the Hell House scenes--which include a graphic abortion, a gang rape that ends with the victim's suicide, and a Columbine-like school shooting as earnestly as possible.
Providers should return to their insurance carriers and earnestly explore those sections of their general and professional liability policies under "insuring agreements" to see if language provides for provider input before settlement occurs.
Exasperated by the obstacles, one foreign businessman earnestly asked for success stories, eliciting some grins and sighs from the audience.
We have been earnestly searching to find a way to bring about healing.
According to church law and teaching, "The church earnestly recommends that the pious custom of burying the bodies of the dead be observed; it does not, however, forbid cremation unless it has been chosen for reasons which are contrary to Christian teaching" (Code of Canon Law) and "does not demonstrate a denial of faith in the resurrection of the body" (Catechism of the Catholic Church).