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Lu Kang said that State Councilor Wang Yi clearly emphasised that the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries should be earnestly respected.
Group Party organizations and members at all levels should study and publicize Plenary Session as an important political task of the current and future periods, with a high sense of political responsibility and historical mission, earnestly study and implement the spirit of the plenary session.
The post Akinci says leaders working earnestly for a fair solution appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
So it's earnestly requested to NTS authorities that the date of test may pleased be changed from 2nd March to 15 March, it will not only provide ample time to prepare but fair and equal opportunity to all.
As tourists my husband and I were very disappointed and shocked by this procedure and earnestly pray we don't experience the same thing, when we visit next year.
Pang also said that China would "earnestly study" the Trans Pacific Partnership trade negotiations, which Canada, Japan and Mexico have asked to join giving a major boost to the U.S.-led initiative.
When issuing these on-thespot fines, I earnestly suggest that common sense is used by enforcement officers to judge whether an offence is blatant littering or not.
Earnestly stunned top favorite Buena Vista to win his first Grade One race in a course record time at the Takarazuka Kinen on Sunday.
NATO must earnestly work toward the full integration of all states from the Western Balkans, said Bulgarian President Georgi Parvanov Monday after meeting NATO chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen.
** 3) Then be pictured earnestly reading a movie script, to give the impression that your life is all about "Sooo many movies, so little time".
However, the public libraries that earnestly provide DRS can outperform Q & A sites.
I am grateful for the column because it calls upon your readers to acknowledge the sincerity of those Muslims who earnestly seek to build bridges of peace.