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I think that no man of our generation has a more noteworthy achievement to his credit than this; and it is an achievement of moral earnestness of the strong character of a man who has done a great national service.
Earnestness is ever deeply solemn: first, as I listened to that prayer, I wondered at his; then, when it continued and rose, I was touched by it, and at last awed.
No, no, my lord, forgive me,' implored the widow, laying both her hands upon his breast, and scarcely knowing what she did, or said, in the earnestness of her supplication, 'but there are reasons why you should hear my earnest, mother's prayer, and leave my son with me.
It's all a bit too frenetic at times, but the fact that there's more comedy, sarcasm and cynicism than earnestness gives it an edge.
The third and last presidential debate sanctioned by the Commission on Elections may be remembered as a contest between the easy populism of the charismatic front runner, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Digong Duterte, and the determined earnestness of the fourth-placing policy wonk, former Interior Secretary Mar Roxas.
While gently snickering at the earnestness of performing poets, the humour is more knowing than cruel.
Ata time when the art world is so commercial that it seems like a farce, these collectors stand out for their earnestness.
Earnestness is the dominant feature of "Saints & Strangers," a two-night miniseries from National Geographic Channel that chronicles the initial encounters of Pilgrim settlers and the Native Americans who were already living in what became known as Massachusetts.
He further said that she underscored Kuwait's earnestness in dealing with water issues as the country is in an arid region devoid of accessible fresh water resources.
He lauded earnestness and sincerity of the Council of Representatives in considering the GAP based on consensus and transparency in favour of cooperation between legislative and executive branches and the nation's progress and prosperity.
But its earnestness is unforced, and therefore watchable.
The book is amply illustrated with photos from the 1920s and '30s, showcasing the iconic sobriety and earnestness of the Midwestern small-town upbringing that defined Ford's later years.