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SIDON, Lebanon: Former carpenter Hilal Khaizan spends his afternoons bellowing in the streets of Sidon, inviting anyone within earshot to try his delicious red candy apples.
EarShot IFB provides telephone-based live studio program and IFB audio to field-based remote broadcasts.
He added it might confuse those within earshot who hear a ringing phone and believe it is time for prayer.
THE DIKLER would like to be within earshot when those talented sibling jockeys James and Sophie Doyle meet up again after their international travels.
I was in earshot of what they were saying about what they were going to do after they left school.
2 : earshot <I yelled, but he was out of hearing.
One hot day at a public rehearsal, with many summer residents in earshot, the conductor overdid to the point of snapping his baton.
She ran 100 yards and expired within earshot of my brother who was with me.
Danielle Lloyd also weighed in, out of the actress's earshot, saying: "I think she should f*** off home.
Gibbons within earshot of singing comrades discriminated between duets and predator songs.
After his trade to Sacramento, he glowed with happiness and told everyone within earshot how happy he was to join the Kings.
A teenager who swore within earshot of police is refusing to pay his pounds 80 on-the-spot fine and making a stand against the 'language police'.