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class="MsoNormalGenerally, an earth tremor takes only seconds typically about 10-30 seconds.
According to the Civil Engineering Department of UCD, the country's existing building codes don't cover the possibility of earth tremors.
According to the law maker, ' the earth tremor is a form of seismic movement within the earth which occurs at a small scale but can lead to earthquakes if preventive measures are not taken to reduce the stress
This is the second earth tremor in 24 hours, the first was registered in the south of El Guettar on Sunday at 18:36 and its magnitude was 3.55 degrees on the Richter scale.
In a statement authorized by Dr Abdulrazaq Garba and Vincent Owan, respectively, on behalf of the agencies, a copy of which was made available to the Nigerian Tribune in Abuja, said the NGSA received a call at about 12.45pm 01/11/2018 on a report earth tremor from a location in Maitama District.
A spokesman said: "We have had some calls from the area ourselves but it was not an earth tremor.
That one was the most powerful earth tremor in Britain for a decade, although no damage was reported and nobody was hurt.
The Meterological department confirmed the earth tremor hit some parts of Kenya, but caused no significant damage was caused.
Essid attended a rescue operation at a mock earth tremor in Jebel Jelloud.
"At first I thought it was just a loud clap of thunder but when the furniture started shaking I realised it must be some sort of earth tremor.
IAN POULTER withstood an earth tremor to blast a stunning 10-under-par 60 as he romped into the lead at the Hong Kong Open.
Residents In parts of Kent yesterday reported an earth tremor, the British Geological Survey (BGS) said.