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Dr Benny Peiser, of John Moores University, said: ``If the eye-witness accounts are confirmed, this fact of an earth tremor together with thunder-like explosive sounds would indicate a rather significant impact event.
Edwina was able to tell the public not to panic because it was an earth tremor.
THE World Cup of shocks continued yesterday with an earth tremor in the Tokyo region.
Contract awarded for Earth tremor repair facility renovation projects Works
Essid attended a rescue operation at a mock earth tremor in Jebel Jelloud.
Lhasa, Jumada II 13, 1435, Apr 13, 2014, SPA -- A trunk road linking Tibet with neighboring Sichuan Province was blocked by a landslide Sunday morning, after a minor earth tremor hit Nyingchi Region in Tibet.
Some players were also awoken by a shallow earth tremor in the early hours of the morning.
Earthquake' was caused by subsidence ABOUT 20 families were forced to leave their homes in Cleveland Street, Liverton Mines, when an earth tremor caused by mine subsidence struck the village.
Manama: April 16 -- (BNA)-- The Ministry of Interior announced that the main operations room received telephone calls from a number of citizens in the Kingdom of Bahrain's northern parts in which they said that they had felt an earth tremor however no material damage or human casualty was reported so far.
35 Chester He'sg otag oodd raw,h is formi s okayandFranny Norton ridest het rack veryw ell Tim Vaughan Trainer Earth Tremor 6.
But an investigation carried out by the MoD concluded that the scare was the result of a noisy earth tremor that coincided with a meteor burning up in the atmosphere.
19 /PRNewswire/ -- The Cayman Islands Department of Tourism is providing the following update following this morning's reported earth tremor in the Cayman Islands: