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In the past few days, the Prime Minister has announced earth-shattering plans to free schools from local authority control - eight years after scrapping Grant Maintained schools
Most Canadian Catholics are not even aware that this organization exists; so news that the CCCB will cut $800,000 to balance its 2005 budget through restructuring, consolidations, and downsizing is hardly earth-shattering, or that the deficit built up over the past few years will be eliminated by adding to the per capita tax that each diocese is assessed to fund the CCCB.
Okay, so it's hardly an earth-shattering development - but it's clear summer football remains at the heart of the WPL's overall blueprint for improving our clubs' record in Europe and arresting the current decline in attendances.
A drunken manipulator of an American President secretly plans a manned voyage to Mars, and a mission tied into a secret codex will potentially bring earth-shattering repercussions.
There was nothing earth-shattering in this introduction," LaRose says.
As far as Ford itself was concerned, there were no really earth-shattering models.
Earth-shattering renditions of Diamonds Are Forever and Kiss Me Honey Honey rocked the SECC to its core.
There's nothing earth-shattering or groundbreaking here--you've probably heard 'em all before.
Now again, to early modernists this is hardly an earth-shattering position: numerous monographs and articles over the past twenty years have provided so many counter-proofs to the Aries model that Ozment might appear to be piling on or even flogging a dead horse.
Nothing too earth-shattering with these findings, but I guess it's important to see these numbers in black and white.
Dig your way through three of the world's most earth-shattering tunnels and the technology that made them.
What the play has to say isn't especially new or earth-shattering, but it's still worth thinking about.