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The earthier exterior also made the tower fit the context of the neighborhood.
If Pepin's good friend and long-time cooking cohort Julia Child introduced Americans to classical French cooking, Pepin brought a much earthier understanding to the genre.
This also explains the shift to warmer, earthier and more tactile materials, such as wood and stone that are lovely to look and ask to be touched.
Doucet, formerly of indie band Veal, has moved away from the country vibe that permeated his earlier work to develop a slightly grungier, earthier garage-band rock.
Playing with the band took me back to playing in the clubs in the 60s with just a rhythm section and getting that earthier sound.
Watts' acrylics are simple and old-fashioned feeling, with a mix of soft and harsher edges, and jewel tones juxtaposed with the earthier colors of the forest.
But in this account of the world of Elizabethan and early Jacobean science, Bacon yields pride of place to an earthier and more chaotic cast of characters: husbandmen, clockmakers and inventors of all kinds of devices, not to mention the odd jailbird.
While Tato dreams of going north to become a singer (he can't sing), the earthier and more volatile Beto just wants to make a living in bananas.
On joining Taylor, Corbin assimilated earthier experiences.
Add a bawdy commoner appropriately named Mistress Quickly, played with earthy humor by Danette Lamson, and a gender-switched Host of the Garter, played with even earthier, bawdier delight by Sarah Cassady, and the result is four very strong women's roles and performances.
And despite the recurring presence of this Delph-blue oil barrel throughout "Les Saltimbanques," what it signifies is no less insightful than Picasso's earthier tumbler's barrel, but here tracing real-life ups and downs of the petroleum industry.