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This season''s blooms have an altogether earthier appearance.
Although earlier poets like Carducci dung to the traditionally sonorous, elegant language of their literary forbears, later ones, like Saba and Montale, reacted with poems written in a new language that was pointedly earthier and even intentionally harsh.
Their allure is immediate - at a time when modern homegrown folk music often spells designer-bearded, theme park Americanisation, Skinny Lister are a welcome throwback to earthier bands.
Classically-trained South African keyboardist Mann, who had considerable success in the 60s with songs such as Do Wah Diddy, Sha La La and Mighty Quinn, was looking for a rockier, earthier sound when he formed the Earth Band in 1971 with guitarist and vocalist Rogers, drummer Chris Slade and bassist Colin Pattenden.
An earthier contrast to the chic Tuddenham, our room was smaller, more basic, but comfortable and a mere pebble's throw from the beach.
Stockton suggests raw mashed potatoes, a simple mixed green salad or even marinated mushrooms for an earthier flavor.
The earthier exterior also made the tower fit the context of the neighborhood.
This also explains the shift to warmer, earthier and more tactile materials, such as wood and stone that are lovely to look and ask to be touched.
Doucet, formerly of indie band Veal, has moved away from the country vibe that permeated his earlier work to develop a slightly grungier, earthier garage-band rock.
"Playing with the band took me back to playing in the clubs in the 60s with just a rhythm section and getting that earthier sound.
Watts' acrylics are simple and old-fashioned feeling, with a mix of soft and harsher edges, and jewel tones juxtaposed with the earthier colors of the forest.
But in this account of the world of Elizabethan and early Jacobean science, Bacon yields pride of place to an earthier and more chaotic cast of characters: husbandmen, clockmakers and inventors of all kinds of devices, not to mention the odd jailbird.