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Talking Cures is Howard's earthiest volume, not only because of his unstoppable playing with the phallus, but also because of his unblinkered awareness of the grave.
It's intriguingly ethereal music about the earthiest of feelings.
Okay boys," the Mexican president-elect boomed from the podium in his earthiest tones, "let's all roll up our sleeves and help build a new nation.
Taking the earthiest possible slant on the most elevated (not to mention elephantine) artistic endeavor, director Jon Else trains focus on the regular-guy crew of union stagehands entrusted with breaking down Valhalla, manipulating an onstage dragon and so on.
To an extent, in other words, they looked post-Minimalist and seemed to share certain material qualities and attitudes with Beuys's fat-and-felt sculptures as well as with arte povera in general, whether Mario Merz's earthiest "igloos" and organic displays or Giuseppe Penone's subtly anthropomorphic clay urns.
Amongst many others: the title of Musset's novel is given interchangeably as Les Confessions and La Confession d'un enfant du siecle; Romantic mal du siecle is sometimes rendered mal de siecle (a frequent student error this); Sand's Colonel Delmare (from Indiana) is consistently misspelt Delamare; the date of publication of La Terre (a discussion of Zola's earthiest novel does on the face of it seem incongruous in a book on French Romanticism) is listed as both 1887 and 1889; that of Nana is wrongly given as 1881 whilst Vigny's Chatterton is dated 1830 in the bibliography; Gautier's celebrated gilet rouge (as worn at the bataille d'Hernani) is unaccountably transmogrified into a bright green doublet whilst, most bizarrely, the author of Lettres Persanes is listed as Robert de Montesquieu.