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The earthiest browns are mixed with the prettiest of pinks to create a traditional look that is bang up to date.
The large and zestful cast also includes Rufus Sewell, breathing funny new life into the standard-issue myopic leading man; Ben Gazzara as an actor who can't build a character without the right hat, and Aida Turturro and Leo Bassi as the story's earthiest clowns.
The rastas are the earthiest characters in the book; when Gibson's hero, Case, gets lost in a virtual world, his rasta sidekick Maelcum places a pair of headphones on his ears, and the music's heartbeat is the trail of breadcrumbs that lead Case back to the real world.
As for Wales coach Graham Henry's innermost, earthiest comments, after the Principality's embarrassing 46-12 defeat at Twickenham, they went unrecorded.