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Fugard has invested a lifetime of wisdom and compassion in this intermissionless, three-character drama, augmented by Susan Hilferty's earthily abstract set and Dennis Parichy's subtly shifting lighting designs.
But, as her ghostly former mentor Jimmie (an earthily coarse Michael Gambon) knows, Julia's well versed in how to play a part and there's clearly more to her urging Michael to hire Avice for the new play and then insisting on reworking the positioning so as not to upstage her ingenue rival than meets everyone else's eye.
The daal was a smooth and earthily fabulous golden mix of chickpeas and red lentils with garlic, cumin and chillies.
This straw-hatted bunch are a sub-division of singer Toto la Momposina's band, playing up their earthily purist approach.
It all worked very well, with good textures and earthily dense and savoury flavours.
German, Italian, Dutch and even French influences meet here; the terse but informative insert-note casts valuable insights into the provenance of this courtly music, sometimes aristocratic, sometimes earthily peasant-like.