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To the contrary, Trio A, 1966, danced by Rainer and captured on film in 1978, is strangely, earthily graceful.
Communion" hums serenely on the palate like notes of celestial music; the other plops earthily from the mouth, suggesting something else altogether.
However earthily they like to present themselves, critics and poets alike are addicted to the rhetorical juggling of opposites.
Already, however, the Italian expert on Portuguese poetry has been confronted by a more earthily sceptical Portuguese policeman:
Certainly no other serious politician in America has written so honestly, so refreshingly and so, well, earthily, about the contemporary American family.
When he joined his elder brother David, the Prince of Wales, at the Royal Naval College he found his fellow cadets an earthily irreverent crew.
Holsapple's "Don't Do What I Did" is straight out of the dB's, and his "I Want to Learn to Waltz with You" showcases Cowsills' earthily delicate voice.
In Her Privates We, Manning quietly cleaned up his text, replacing such apt phrases as buggered-up with the stilted beaten to the wide and strewing the pages with self-conscious muckin's instead of the earthily obscene f-words.
The landowners, earthily dubbed "big cacaos," formed a veritable local nobility that went so far as to purchase noble titles.
And another star was Dan Rosina's neat, alert orchestra, cultivating an earthily folky approach for the more bucolic sections of the score, stylish and elegant elsewhere.
It's a pale, pretty pink with quite a toasty smell and a rich, spicy, almost earthily fruity taste.