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To this Neptune lord of the earthquake made answer, "Idomeneus, may he never return from Troy, but remain here for dogs to batten upon, who is this day wilfully slack in fighting.
On October 8, 2005, the most ravaging 7.6 magnitude earthquake struck Pakistan in its Upper Areas where over 80,000 people lost their lives.
An infant named Tehmeena died and 11 other including her family members injured in a result of roof collapse in Darar Goth area of Bela after a powerful earthquake hit Bela and Uthal on Wednesday morning.
The area has a magnitude-8 earthquake roughly every 75 years.
2 DEATHQUAKE (1980) PANIC as a large earthquake hits Tokyo causing widescale devastation.
Relatively little work has been done to-date on the shaking severity from induced earthquakes. In general, we assume an earthquake is an earthquake is an earthquake.
"Did You Feel It?" data reveals that induced earthquakes are different beasts, generating less shaking than natural events, at least at distances greater than 10 km from the earthquake.
According to the Alaska Earthquake Information Center website, the magnitude 9.2 earthquake is the second largest ever recorded in the world, and the duration of rupture was approximately four minutes.
They report that the giant Andaman-Nicobar (Sumatra, Indonesia) earthquake of 2004 of magnitude 9.1 began "a new cycle of global great earthquake activity."
A slide show was presented in Adapazari about the necessary measures to be taken before and during an earthquake.
* Chile - As the only segment of the Chile-Peru Subduction Zone not to have ruptured within the last 100 years, the north Chile segment is now considered to be a region at high risk from an earthquake similar in size to the 2010 event.
"While the likelihood of a serious earthquake occurring in New York is only moderate," Ellen