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The calculation results shown in Figure 9 and listed in Table 4 indicate that the maximal segment opening is similar under different conditions for the same earthquake intensity. Therefore, the maximal segment opening caused by a P-wave action can, to some extent, represent the maximum caused by any other seismic loading and it can forecast the maximal opening under P-wave action to obtain the opening under seismic loading.
NEUMANN, F., 1954: Earthquake intensity and related ground motion.--77 pags.
The measure of earthquake intensity used in ACM is directly linked to building performance, rather than ground shaking.
Nevertheless, "the earthquake intensity in particular areas of Mexico City was much larger than what the buildings were designed for,' says Roberto Meli of the National Autonomous University of Mexico in Mexico City.
Castro said they have in fact an earthquake intensity meter placed in Calatagan as underwater quakes are relatively 'frequent' in that portion between Batangas and Mindoro islands.
According to PHIVOLCS Earthquake Intensity Scale, Intensity V refers to "strong" shakes, which are generally felt by most people indoors and outdoors.
The colour coded maps easily convey location in five different Zones of earthquake intensity which helps in planning for disaster resistant construction with necessary technical assistance.
"You cannot compared with 1997, which was like 5 to 7 percent earthquake intensity, because today you cannot hardly feel the tremor except for the uptick in foreign exchange rate from P44 to P46 to P47," he said.

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