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w]: Earthquake Magnitude (Richter), PGV: Peak Ground Velocity, CAV: Cumulative Absolute Velocity, IA: Arias Intensity, [a.
P [I [greater than or equal to] i\M and R] = conditional probability of (random) intensity I exceeding value i at the site for a given earthquake magnitude M and hypocenter distance R.
Where (M) is the earthquake magnitude moment and (R max) is the maximum epicentral distance from liquefaction in cm.
If earthquake magnitude is 4 or more and epicentre is located directly below the underground construction, it may dangerously influence the mining block stability.
The data contains earthquake magnitude, M, epicentral distance, r, effective overburden stress, [?
He recognizes the lives that could have been saved if tsunami modeling there had been based on more accurate and rapid earthquake magnitude data; and healong with his NASA colleagueswant to ensure that this new earthquake technology is in the hands of the California emergency response community.
by increasing earthquake magnitude from Ms6 to Ms7) and instead, the tunnel lining moved more vertically and horizontally as a rigid body rather than having structural distortion.
To make a sub-group of rupture lengths, earthquake magnitude level given in Figure 1 were also taken into account.
See box below for a description of earthquake magnitude.
All source zones have a maximum earthquake magnitude which can be large for some source zones and small for others.
0 on the Richter scale, which is a measure of the earthquake magnitude (M) that includes the logarithm of the amplitude of the motion recorded on seismograph.
Although researchers have developed more than a dozen other ways of calculating earthquake magnitude, moment magnitude remains the figure of choice among seismologists, especially for earthquakes larger than magnitude 6.

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