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Still, Lin plans to continue monitoring the city's tremors to determine if the 705,000-ton tower is truly earthshaking.
I debated what song from my younger days might best express the earthshaking importance of what was accomplished by Kerry Pacer, The Advocate's Person of the Year for 2005, and her allies at White County High School in rural Georgia.
There is nothing earthshaking in this little volume though he does say that he thinks he did too little in the way of admonition.
They don't seem to be earthshaking, but taken together it is a body of work that is important and it is vital in dealing with the threats we are facing in the 21st century.
The sum of knowledge and mysteries surrounding earthquakes are provided in Susan Hough's Earthshaking Science, a scholarly but highly accessible survey of the geology and geologic exploration in the science of seismology.
And unbelievable sums up some of the bone-crunching battle sequences pretty well, as Sudeki features intense combat with dozens of moves, slow-motion bullet time, earthshaking spells and tons of destructive melees.
The most earthshaking family news, however, was delivered by the Andersens' only child during a trip to Japan in 1999.
The settlement attack 'is the beginning of earthshaking operations to come,' a Hamas leaflet said.
Nothing earthshaking had occurred over the past 24 hours, but there were always the box scores and human interest stories and the generally good writing to stimulate and entertain.
These are earthshaking, Wagnerian sentiments expressed with the steady hand of a surgeon.
This was before the earthshaking "shock and awe" of the United States' own illegal attack on Iraq in March 2003.