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In experimenting with the savory dish, I have found the deep flavor of the grain pairs best with ingredients you might describe as earthy, hearty or nutty.
Interior stain colors round out PPG's earthy palette, including DEFT brand colors such as Golden Oak, Spanish Oak and Pickling.
Commenter Zk10 wrote, "For whatever reason, the earthy, natural smell of raindrops on hot sand has a wonderful calming effect on me.
Splash has launched the Spring/Summer Collection with key trends like Eden, Nostalgia, Rational and Creed for women, and Nautical Play, Earthy Paradise, Sports Goth and California Surf for men.
It's a full bodied beer with an initial sweetness, swept away by earthy hops, all ending with subtle peat flavor.
This is a case in point with rounded fruit-forward, spicy, mulberry flavours along with slightly earthy graphite depth and a neat burst of raspberry centred acidity.
Look to the coast for earthy complexity: Santa Barbara's Sta.
These teas are truly delicious and I'm now starting my day with Niban-Cha, which is a rich earthy brew with a light, astringent flavour.
Total erosion control methods divided to part contain lands management and embankment and earthy dam introduction operations.
Mrs Smithies said: "Our closeness to the sea keeps the fields frost-free, and together with the sea spray which soaks our fields, gives our early potatoes a really earthy sweetness which is more vibrant than that of main crop potatoes.
1 : of or like earth <an earthy smell> <earthy colors>
An RTE insider revealed: "Blathnaid has always been a real earthy person so we're not surprised at this.