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Dougherty will oversee all financial aspects of Ease Entertainment and will report to Founder & CEO Mike Rose.
of Curriculum and Instruction, SUNY Oswego), Frequency of Occurrence and Ease of Articulation of Sign Language Handshapes: The Taiwanese Example is a contribution to sign language linguistics research that particularly examines Taiwanese Sign Language in its search to discover whether the use of specific sign language handshapes increases in direct relation to the ease of their physical formation.
I am excited to see NetContinuum bringing its next generation 1100 product and new capabilities to the market and look forward to benefiting from the 1100's advanced performance and ease of use.
Perceived Ease of Use As with perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use has a significant effect on intentions to use a specific system (Davis et al.
The ease of sale relates to the additional rules generally levied by cooperatives that restrict ownership access, including limitations on financing and the board approval process, itself.
This eases up the restrictions so that we can take it on a case-by-case basis and look at it with a view that you're not building this building from scratch," Webb said.
Arctic Ease, the manufacturer of the revolutionary FDA regulated Cryotherapy wraps and pads helped the runners of the Philadelphia Marathon reduce swelling and injury this past weekend by distributing thousands of the Arctic Ease Pads[TM] and Arctic Ease Wraps[TM].
As an IRONMAN sponsor, Arctic Ease will be integrated into the IRONMAN[sup.
The wraps and pads conform to any injury, allow a full range of motion, and provide a cooling effect that is simple, convenient and incredibly effective," said Carol Forden, President and CEO of Arctic Ease.
In the Committee discussion of policy for the intermeeting period ahead, nearly all the members indicated that they favored or could support a proposal to ease slightly the current degree of pressure on reserve positions.
Rightslink's rapid growth reflects its ease of use, ease of implementation and overall success as an application that automates important, revenue generating functions for publishers," said Bob Weiner, Senior Vice President, CCC.
July 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Huntington Hospital, PDi Communications Systems, ease e-waste, and Hands, Hearts and Horizons joined efforts to organize a special electronic waste (e-waste) collection event on June 28, 2008 at Huntington Hospital in Pasadena.