ease of movement

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Several product tests were conducted on the Sleep Number Memory Foam(TM) Bed including: durability, temperature, ease of movement, comfort, and pressure point relief.
Rolfing addresses these issues through movement education, which can make lasting changes that can reduce pain, increase energy and give more ease of movement.
Skip Lissiman said after the event "We found the SLAM gear was just perfect to get the right mix between comfort and ease of movement around the Etchells.
The direct steam injection BenchTop system is fully self contained and fitted with castor wheels, and is sized for ease of movement.
Tchaikovsky's opera is a personal psychodrama on a grand scale, and Miller's conception emphasized ease of movement and naturalness of interaction among the characters.
The teacher encourages students to lengthen their spines, balance their beads, and widen their backs in a way that creates the ease of movement that Alexander discovered.
The Russell Athletic Stretch Mesh football jersey features a state-of-the-art moisture-management stretch fabric that keeps athletes dry and allows for greater ease of movement.
The 20-foot power cord allows ease of movement, and the bagless design and see-through container lets users know when it's time for the vacuum to be emptied.
Other countries have purpose built tunnels around major roads allowing ease of movement without danger for badgers and I am ashamed to live in a country that has no concern as to whether they build not only over the natural habitat of badgers but also,and far worse in my opinion, their sets.
The standard dining chair poses a number of problems, not the least of which is ease of movement.
Many of these are issues which may be of concern to other workers without disabilities, but are more difficult to accommodate due to complicating factors, such as transportation, ease of movement, or dependency on assistance from others.
The Roberto Baggio Number 10 boot is available as screw-in studded, moulded or turf trainer and boasts a full grain leather upper and anti-stretch lining with a cotton shock absorbing EVA foam insole to ensure exceptional comfort, support and improved ease of movement.