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The second thing the GAO should do is ease off on the writing review process.
Kuwait embassy in Tanzania carried Kijuu's satement who said that the humanitarian aid, in form of food, drinking water and construction material, helped ease off the misfortune of the natural-disaster victims.
TOMMY SLOAN has told Auchinleck they can't afford to ease off despite having one hand on the Super League trophy.
Traders were waiting for details announced last night of the Federal Reserve's most recent meeting, but the Fed has already suggested it will ease off printing cheap money in the world's biggest economy.
BANKER Charlton (4-6) Bookmakers expect Charlton to ease off with promotion secured but Saturday's party is out of the system and everyone at the club wants the title.
While it is being carried out, the council has agreed to ease off on its enforcement processes.
As a business man living a hectic lifestyle, Ramadan gives me an opportunity to ease off a little and spend more time with the family and focus more on things that can better me as a person.
But having not recorded a victory since the US PGA in 2008, Harrington wants to ease off a touch.
What's more, the models' shocking antics don't look set to ease off anytime soon.
Recent evidence that private sector hiring is beginning to ease off slightly now points to a less positive trend in employment.
The severity of the reaction depends on your body chemistry and it may ease off the longer you are together.
WATER levels in areas worst hit by flooding were falling today as forecasters predicted the rain would ease off this week.