ease the burden

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THE Government is planning to ease the burden on "accidental landlords" who were forced to rent their properties after the financial crisis.
A statement issued by the Ministry of Finance said that this agreement comes to ease the burden on the patients through reducing the cost of medical supplies.
API Senior Director of Federal Relations Khary Cauthen said commonsense measures should be undertaken to ease the burden of the administrations ozone standards.
12 (Petra) -- Minister of Finance, Umayya Toukan, called on the international community to allocate more support to Jordan to ease the burden of the Syrian refugees crisis.
Organised by the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation, it aims to ease the burden of cancer.
Kadena Air Base in Okinawa Prefecture to Guam to ease the burden on the southern island prefecture, Defense Minister Toshimi Kitazawa said Wednesday.
With Diane's appointment there will be a continuous service to those affected by the closure, which will ease the burden on patients.
examines the unique perceptions of gifted students and ways they can ease the burden of being gifted.
Indaparinux may ease the burden of treatment, says study coauthor Harry R.
DRMO has helped ease the burden of accounting for property that we don't need and allowed us to turn it in a timely fashion.
Or, if a nation's economy is suffering because of too few people, we should encourage migration where it can ease the burden in one place and promote prosperity in another.