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You couldn't have parked a car there, so me and one of the women in the group set up our easels there and started to paint.
The easel will hold small pots, each filled with one of the plants used in the "picture".
For more information about the electronic easel conversion kit, call MagnaPlan Corp.
The poster can also be ordered by mail from information printed directly on the easel.
Doug Kahn, president and CEO of Easel in Burlington, MA, describes the tumultuous negotiations that preceded the software maker's linkup with IBM.
In an important and influential essay published in Partisan Review in 1948, Clement Greenberg reported "the crisis of the easel picture.
Tenders are invited for best-rite early childhood easel description: best-rite flannel/markerboard easel 45 " x 24 -1/2 " x 27 " demco # p14602490 specs: 36"h x 24"w magnetic flannel board front; magnetic markerboard back -middle storage tray for supplies -ledge to hold books or charts on both sides -steel frame with blue powder-coat finish and 2 " dia.
Until then it had been expected that the traditional easel at Buckingham Palace, used when William was born 31 years ago, would be the way the news was broken.
Word History: Our word easel is borrowed from the Dutch word ezel, which means literally "donkey.
Bellway is working in a joint venture with Leeds City Council to redevelop 1,700 hectares, or 4,200 acres of land in the Gipton and Seacroft areas of east Leeds, to be known as the EASEL (East and South-East Leeds) scheme.
s new, brightly colored Big Kids Choice[TM] Lil' Artist Easel can stand alone or be used on a tabletop.