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It is much easer for patients to get adequate diagnosis and treatment.
Although Chandler discussed this consciously acquired American version of English with linguistic awareness and seriousness, critics and commentators focused primarily upon "high" culture or the canon have often found it easer to look elsewhere for the most important stylistic innovations of twentieth-century American prose or those most likely to extend into the twenty-first century.
Shifts should be changed in a forward rotation--that is, moving from morning work to evening work to the night shift--to make it easer for workers to adapt (Akerstedt 1998).
Industrial design not only makes the system easer to use, but highlights its plug-and-play capabilities.
Data thus constructed make it easer for the tutor to encourage collaborative learning in the classroom.
The issue of the environment is global, and it is easer for us, in developed nations, to address the issue .
I have found over the years that if I add enough flour the dough is not sticky and is also much easer to clean up.
Oddly, should Hay land the Easer Road position, he is almost certain to be replaced at Almondvale by Robbo, who had a successful spell as a coach there, before moving to Inverness.
As to the notion of children being easer to control--is that really the basis upon which the issue of child labor should be decided?
ma si sia cosi degnata di gradire il quadra mandatoli, qual se ben conoscevo non easer degno di comparire in codesra citta nelle mani di tanro Principe confidai nondimena dall'altra parte, che dovesse (come spera) agni sua imperfettione ricaprissi sotto il purpureo manto dell'autorita sua, il Desideria certo stato prontiss.
Care charminge sleepe, ye easer of all woes brother of Death, sweetly yie selfe disclose on this afflicted wight fall Like a cloud in gentle showres give nothing yt is Loud or painfull to his slumbers but easy sweet & as a purling streame yu sonne of night passe by his troubled senses sing his paine Like hollowing murmuring winds or silver raine into thy selfe gently 6 gently 6 gently slide & kisse him into slumbers Like a Bride (V.
The overhead projector has been replaced with a permanent multimedia console that features a computer with an Internet connection, a VCR and a Easer disc player.