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Easer, the Atlas Copco mobile raiseborer, operates in the same way as a traditional raiseborer, but can be easily moved to wherever it is needed in the mine.
Plum will continue to improve its cloud communications platform with new offerings that make developing and measuring the effectiveness of IVR applications easer.
12 op-ed in The Wall Street Journal titled "Confessions of a Quantitative Easer.
easing out of quantitative easing) at the Fed, The Wall Street Journal earlier this month published "Confessions of a Quantitative Easer," written by the former official who managed the Fed's mortgage-backed security purchase program, and is now critical of it.
Fraport's CEO emphasized the inauguration of FRA's new A-Plus terminal expansion, calling it a milestone for enhancing the passenger experience and making transfers easer.
For years police have used professional sketch artists to sketch a composite of a suspect's face from a witnesses description but the new software tools to create composites of suspects will make it easer in their search for a suspect," said Dr.
The ergonomic unit requires 28 pounds of force to activate the center section, and 34 pounds of force to push it over into the truck bed--making it easer and safer to use than standard dock plates.
For instance, agreements with community colleges make it easer for students to transfer credits into the university system.
As the coupling coefficients of interdigital structure is larger than that of combline structure [21], the interdigital filter is easer to be fabricated and welded with larger coupling space.
Tink is easer to see what lies on the other side of the magical bridge.
Now it has come out in support of a recent ruling in Pulaski County Circuit Court that will make it easer for doctors to receive permits to sell drugs.
The SOM on the other hand, is considerably easer to implement.