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Another attractive feature is the ease with which businesses can migrate from earlier versions of BellSouth central-office based services to Centrex.
2E is that, with a rapid time to value, it provides the best security for all platforms, with maximum ease of use.
Should the incoming data suggest a substantial shortfall from expectations, monetary policy in this view should be adjusted promptly toward ease.
MDC Technology shares our commitment to the unprecedented ease of use on which the DeltaV system was founded.
Market participants, however, noting the sharp decline in Japanese money supply growth and the apparent stabilization, after steep declines, of asset prices, increasingly came to expect an ease in the weeks ahead, and the yield curve remained steeply inverted.
Our cooperation with Audio Ease and Prosoniq is a perfect fit for the HDSP Plug-in architecture," said Rolf Hartley, Audio Product Manger for Sonic Solutions.
This architecture allows expansion to higher densities while preserving the speed, invariant timing, and ease of design associated with smaller devices.
Translogic and Altera will ensure tight integration between Translogic's EASE and Altera's industry-leading MAX+PLUS(R) II development software.
In their view, even a modest move toward ease would be undesirable or at least premature in the weeks ahead.
Plus True Ease of Implementation & Reduced System Costs
At these and a subsequent consultation, the Committee also discussed the decisions to ease reserve conditions during the intermeeting period.
equity prices on October 13 revived concerns that heavy foreign investment in the United States might be discouraged and that the Federal Reserve might ease even more quickly or aggressively than previously supposed.