easily accessible

See: convenient
References in classic literature ?
In dry, level country, take up an easily accessible position with rising ground to your right and on your rear, so that the danger may be in front, and safety lie behind.
Men--especially men skilled in observing physiognomy--might have noticed in the shape of his forehead and in the line of his upper lip the signs indicative of a moral nature deficient in largeness and breadth--of a mind easily accessible to strong prejudices, and obstinate in maintaining those prejudices in the face of conviction itself.
In fact, if the poor child, who had so much good taste as alone to have chosen to dress herself in white amidst all her companions -- if that dove's heart, so easily accessible to painful emotions, had been touched by the cruel words of Madame, or the egotistical cold smile of the king, it would have annihilated her.
These were easily accessible by means of a line, which, passing over the ridge-pole, had one end attached to a bundle, while with the other, which led to the side of the dwelling and was there secured, the package could be lowered or elevated at pleasure.
Noel Vanstone was easily accessible to visitors; he was walking in the garden before breakfast.
His nature was one that is not easily accessible to illusions.
Contract award: window cleaning services easily accessible in municipal buildings in puteaux.
Our team's work in identifying, critically appraising, and putting the research into easily accessible formats for practitioners is important.
The new Enviro 200s are energy-efficient, easily accessible and are fitted with CCTV as an extra health and safety feature.
Written in first person perspective, Living Jonathan's Life is an engrossing, solid narrative as well as a sharply cautionary tale against the rising popularity of painkillers--drugs that are more easily accessible than ever thanks to the internet, and that have become the drug of choice among teens, even surpassing marijuana.
and the Maryland suburb, Silver Spring, and is easily accessible to public transportation.
The benefits of carefully planning such a group are multiple and easily accessible to the aspiring writers, including particular attention to the issues of critiquing manuscripts, dealing with difficult members, formal organization steps, sponsoring related events, and getting publicity.