easily accessible

See: convenient
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Contract award: window cleaning services easily accessible in municipal buildings in puteaux.
Our team's work in identifying, critically appraising, and putting the research into easily accessible formats for practitioners is important.
The new Enviro 200s are energy-efficient, easily accessible and are fitted with CCTV as an extra health and safety feature.
Written in first person perspective, Living Jonathan's Life is an engrossing, solid narrative as well as a sharply cautionary tale against the rising popularity of painkillers--drugs that are more easily accessible than ever thanks to the internet, and that have become the drug of choice among teens, even surpassing marijuana.
and the Maryland suburb, Silver Spring, and is easily accessible to public transportation.
The benefits of carefully planning such a group are multiple and easily accessible to the aspiring writers, including particular attention to the issues of critiquing manuscripts, dealing with difficult members, formal organization steps, sponsoring related events, and getting publicity.
await just outside the city and are easily accessible in a day trip.
More companies, particularly those that are venture-backed or fast-growing, will adopt policies and procedures to ensure that their corporate governance records are up to date, well organized, and easily accessible," says Gary D.
Enhanced throughout with exercises and script examples, students of acting are provided with an easily accessible resources designed for practicing the outlined principles as they pursue a mastery of their craft.
Additional features include an integrated display for extensive diagnostic and status messages, an easily accessible CompactFlash module for program and data storage, and more.
As populations grow and prosper there, I predict they will increasingly rely on the more easily accessible supply of ranch-raised meat.
We want to make sure that these individuals have an easily accessible way of reporting any information that they might have.