easily affected

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Psychological factors or personality : People with low self-esteem and confidence, who are easily affected by stress, who generally think negative, are more likely to get depression.
'It is designed such that it is safe and not easily affected even when it rains, and is equipped with a drainage network,' the EIA said in a reply to the publication, referring to the landfill construction.
He hated himself for being so weak, so easily affected by his father's anger, he had always felt intimidated by his father, but now!
Williams, who admitted he is "easily affected" by alcohol, said the remaining two "giggly" women soon left his hotel room but the alleged victim returned alone and said she wanted to "spend the night" together.
The expert said, "Infants get very easily affected by viral infections in transition period which cause a lot of irritation, running nose, fever, breathing problems as breathing passage is filled by cough".
Former Analyst in Institutional Equity Sales at NAEEM Holding for Investment Mohamed Sameh argued that the perfect timing for the offering was missed, stating that the price of Eastern Company fell to around LE 15 from LE 25, while the government plans to offer it at LE 21; as a listed company, its pricing is easily affected. "The IPO program is an opportunity for investors," Sameh said.
The thing with scents is that it is easily affected by various elements like heat which can come from the body or the environment.
"We found that the cardiac parameters in women appear to be more easily affected by the disease and that women who snore or have OSA might be at greater risk for cardiac involvement," Dr.
Bela said she is easily affected by the characters she portrays and finds it difficult to detach herself from them.
This MIZ is very dynamic, easily affected by waves and wind, which enhances the heat and momentum exchanges between ocean and atmosphere.
On the issue of the machines, Mr Matlhare revealed that the equipment was very sensitive as they were easily affected when the facility experience power cut.
The risk is that the confiscation of 'left behind' assets - which in monetary terms are a drop in the ocean - will create an undercurrent of uncertainty and is illustrative of just how vulnerable and fragile the security environment is and how easily affected by what is reality is a minor tweak in Indian legislation.