easily bent

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This is especially important on the trigger-guard and easily bent rear sight wind knob's long thin pin.
Quality rebar are also not easily bent with just one's bare hands.
Green packaging technology uses materials such as paper, plastic, metal, and glass, which can be easily bent or molded as needed.
Penn cannot stop espousing on his love and admiration for ash, and how its properties--strong, easily bent, nice aroma--make it a perfect material for crafting, as opposed to simply being a source of firewood.
Apple's embarrassing problems with its new operating system and criticisms that its new iPhones are too easily bent sparked its fall.
These materials can be easily bent or molded as needed, but can return to their original form once released.
The metal remains liquid at room temperature, allowing it to be easily bent and arranged.
With case clearances, you can cause compression which can make it stop, too many hands can get stuck against each other and they're easily bent badly.
The guide's light-weight aluminum fins and slots are easily bent, which also could affect accuracy.
With a little heating, pieces of 3/8-inch rod were easily bent in J-shapes.
These pans are easily bent to fit the odd shape of boat bilges.