easily duped

See: credulous
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Many are easily duped and are not equipped to defend themselves in risky situations," she added.
Acorns, which has hospices in Selly Oak, Walsall and Worcester, says the fake bags are circulating across the West Midlands and bosses fear they are so convincing that people will be easily duped by them.
From easily duped peasants to befuddled creditors to lisping courtiers, Michetti's splendidly cast company is having a high old time while staying true to the play's agenda.
And even though Measure 37 gave them false hope and led many to expend large sums of money for development permits, we should punish them again for being so easily duped.
Are we all to be taken for fools, so easily duped, incapable of remembering the vows made?
However, the media--and consumers--are not easily duped by industry charm offensives.
These stations had no control over which networks they connected to and could have been easily duped into communicating with malicious hackers.
On the one hand, many comfortable liberals privately if not publicly view most citizens as stupid, ignorant, bigoted, and consequently easily duped by conservatives.
Ahankhah's son -- who thought he was going to have his first acting job -- says he didn't like the article's depiction of his family as "simple people," easily duped.
Thus, marketers should keep in mind that consumers are not so easily duped.
I can't believe that anyone is so easily duped that they would change their vote from President George W.