easily duped

See: credulous
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She doesn't feel like she's someone who can be easily duped, and her suspicion towards Helen remains throughout the series.
Students generally believe fake news is what other people believe, those who are easily duped.
Despite their efforts, people have not been easily duped by Gadon's allegations.
They said that, next time, they would not be so easily duped.
Research has revealed that students -- from middle school pupils to undergraduates -- are easily duped by false information they find online.
The more than 12,000 residents also value education because their ancestors were easily duped by foreign colonizers because they were illiterate.
while living off their father, Isaac, The Easily Duped, and
For all Mr Hunt's slurs, no-one really believes that doctors are greedy, grasping individuals who have embarked in this dispute purely out of self interest, nor that they are fools who are easily duped and manipulated by politically motivated "union barons".
I keep finding myself thinking - America, are you sure you want a president this easily duped with Nazis and serial killers?
He should be ashamed of himself, as should those who were so easily duped into voting Tory.
their device, as children could be more easily duped into downloading infected
Christmas is quickly approaching, and although the holiday is associated with cheer and generosity, scammers are in full force, ready to take advantage of unwary individuals who can be easily duped.