easily influenced

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The girl has strong affections, and brought up as she has been, may, at her age, be easily influenced and persuaded.
The rebuffs that he had met at the hands of men, both black and white, had had their effect upon his mind while yet it was in a formative state, and easily influenced.
Our aim is to ensure that we have more informed youth who are not easily influenced by relatives and society in general and who subsequently are able to cut a nationalistic profile,' VIPI Patron Charles MAA>>nyui said.
Before, I was so young and easily influenced, and I'd feel insecure.
He puts this down to his immaturity and being easily influenced by others," she said.
To confront such a grave state of affairs and finance the lobbying efforts required to wield some influence on the positions of the contenders, these groups must unite in their efforts to highlight their stand and battle these ill-informed endeavors by educating both the candidates and the electorate, which are easily influenced by warped rhetoric, about the true and peaceful message of Islam.
Although consumers are easily influenced by such advertisements, they became more price-sensitive in 2015 due to the.
Steven was being mentored by senior youth worker Darren Iveson at the Youthy, who realised Steven was easily influenced by other young people and could often find himself getting into trouble with his behaviour.
At a young age, our interests are easily influenced by exposure to the views and expectations of society.
I've seen how young, easily influenced, and impressionable my fans can be,'' said Godfrey, who has 30,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel and whose five rap videos and 76 songs have received around 2 million views.
Her barrister, Alex Greenwood said she was easily influenced and capable of being coerced and even bullied.
We are easily influenced by things that we feel we ought to reciprocate.