easily lead

See: tractable
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This product is easy to conceal and could easily lead to an increase in substance abuse or misuse by minors and adults.
He did not reject the possibility for BDI to leave the government which could easily lead to early parliamentary elections.
Faulty electric blankets are at best dangerous and could easily lead to major fires and even death.
Cllr David Griffiths, Wrexham council's Lead member for health and adult social care, said: " Scams of this type are often quite believable and can easily lead to loss of funds from your bank account.
She told the reporter of the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / on Thursday 18, July: "The absence of a proper solution to this issue could easily lead to the deterioration of the security situation.
He adds: "Qatar can easily lead the region and be the regional growth hub for the construction industry.
If a habitat is thought to contain more animals than it does, this can easily lead to a mistaken idea of how quickly they are disappearing.
One house blaze caused by a cigarette is one too many, especially as it can so easily lead to tragedy.
Antoine Niyitegeka, project coordinator said "We are going to mainly use Anti-HIV/Aids clubs in schools to sensitise fellow students to avoid involving themselves in actions that can easily lead them into contracting the HIV virus.
They might not be doing anything particularly wrong and not committing any crimes but they can be intimidating for residents and if they are drinking then this can easily lead to disorder.
Her sweetly smiling, naive son is easily lead astray by his friend Jin-tae (Jin), who looks out for him, up to a point.
And, depending on the strength of thе network signal, that can easily lead to dropped calls.