easily lead

See: tractable
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'If the local media does not know enough about the CPEC, it will not be able to make objective reports, which will easily lead to public misunderstanding,' he told a Chinese language website 'Huanqiu com'.
Nwekpe explained that hepatitis was a highly contagious disease usually caused by the inflammation of the liver and could easily lead to death of its victim if not treated.
A police spokesman said:"This was a well-established cannabis farm and you can see that the electrics were overloaded, which can easily lead to a fire.
But we are concerned that if this behaviour continues it could easily lead to people being hurt."
It's clearly a high-risk outfit that could easily lead to the kind of photographs you'd want to hide from your granny so, for the sake of decency and modesty, we've established a new fashion rule.
This book will appeal to both girls and boys and easily lead to thoughtful questions about what, if any, are the right reasons to go to war.--C.J.
He did not reject the possibility for BDI to leave the government which could easily lead to early parliamentary elections.
"Faulty electric blankets are at best dangerous and could easily lead to major fires and even death.
Cllr David Griffiths, Wrexham council's Lead member for health and adult social care, said: " Scams of this type are often quite believable and can easily lead to loss of funds from your bank account.
She told the reporter of the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / on Thursday 18, July: "The absence of a proper solution to this issue could easily lead to the deterioration of the security situation." Al-Moussawi, an MP from Karbala province: "We believe that the security situation began to heat through the bombings in this or that province, and these are all attempts to foment sectarian violence." She continued: "The role of national characters and symbols began to be weakened and this is a very serious subject and it is possible to lead us to what dire consequences." / End
He adds: "Qatar can easily lead the region and be the regional growth hub for the construction industry." However, it was essential that proper planning and risk assessment procedures be adhered to.