easily observed

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and the fact that the molecular functionality included to facilitate the healing response typically yields an intrinsically less robust material, these systems are better suited to aesthetic applications in which the damage can be easily observed so it can be addressed, and for which durability is not of the highest priority.
The American bald eagle is extremely sensitive to human activity and chooses nesting sites where it cannot be easily observed by people .
Honduras has a vast diversity of habitats, which translates into just as many special places for sighting, or hotspots, places that are not exactly jungles, and are for the most part easily accessible; one of these places is located in the vicinity of Lake Yojoa, which is home to more than 400 species of birds, noteworthy among them the Snail Kite, nine species of Wood-Rails and the Keel-billed Motmot, a species endemic to Central America - Honduras is where it can be most easily observed.
It can be easily observed that after the crisis Turkey's reservations about acting were removed.
Strangers often discerned a student's reliance on easily observed social behaviors, he notes; acquaintances better identified underlying personality features, particularly if they had known a student for years as opposed to a few months.
Neufeld of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, who studies water masers, notes that the measurements amount to "a one-trick pony," since few galaxies are known to contain masers and even fewer can also be easily observed from Earth.
Their plan is most easily observed from their bogus arguments, that George quotes that some jobless live in a house at PS100,000 a year or get more than PS26,000 to live on.
Though nearly all the same birds will pass through again in the fall, they are much more easily observed in the spring.
The higher turnover also means that market trends and preferences of customers can be easily observed.
PROMINENT Jupiter can be easily observed throughout February
Because of its proximity to our solar system and the small size of its host star, GJ 1214b is the most easily observed super-Earth.
Nevertheless, it was easily observed in the media that Mr.