easily perceived

References in classic literature ?
My colour came and went, at the sight of the purse and with the fire of his proposal together, so that I could not say a word, and he easily perceived it; so putting the purse into my bosom, I made no more resistance to him, but let him do just what he pleased, and as often as he pleased; and thus I finished my own destruction at once, for from this day, being forsaken of my virtue and my modesty, I had nothing of value left to recommend me, either to God's blessing or man's assistance.
When he came had had sat down a while, he easily perceived there was an alteration in my countenance, that I was not so free and pleasant with him as I used to be, and particularly, that I had been a-crying; he was not long before he took notice of it, and asked me in very kind terms what was the matter, and if anything troubled me.
When Rawdon read over this letter, he turned so red and looked so savage that the company at the table d'hote easily perceived that bad news had reached him.
Pickwick easily perceived that his recklessness was assumed, and looking him full, but not unkindly, in the face, saw that his eyes were moist with tears.
I want the struggle to stand upright to be easily perceived, I want the fatigue, vulnerability and weakness to be present, but also a certain resourcefulness" said Sacramento artist Elisabeth Higgins O'Connor.
For both sides it is convenient to insist their moves are defensive in nature, but war games could be easily perceived as provocative and deliberate aggravation of the crisis.
In Rahi's work, the subject is easily perceived, therefore the intellectual process begins after its recognition, unless his intention is based on a purely visual aesthetic in which case the cerebral is rejected in favor of the physical.
Over the long arc of human history, the recent acceptance of homosexuality and homosexual unions is easily perceived on one level as a disorienting, even severe, realignment of the social order.
That excitement was easily perceived by people who took advantage of the mobile market, as well as those who covered it in the media.
Children's plays must be performed with language that is easily perceived by them, and should focus on spreading knowledge and social values, a number of academics told Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) on Wednesday.
Issues are sometimes nuanced and not easily perceived.
Turkey eyesight is as sharp as an eagle's, and many poor hunters have been betrayed by their easily perceived movements.